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We run our program 3 days a week, 9 months a year. Taking off the winter months to help reduce costs & give kids a chance to play other sports if desired.

We like to schedule lots of friendly games & in club scrimmages in the summer. There are tournaments in the summer and winter based on availability of players for each team.

We do offer some additional indoor soccer in the off season during the winter. These are optional & totally up to you, the parents, if you want more soccer or to take a break.



Our club philosophy is one based on ensuring the enjoyment & development of our players. We work hard to ensure our young players have the best all round experience we can possibly provide.

We have some of the most qualified & experienced coaches in the state & have put together the most fun development program we can.

Our parents, kids & coaches are extremely disciplined & as a result we have highly competitive teams & everyone has a great time being involved.