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'I love that my daughter has so much opportunity to grow and improve.'

'We are extremely pleased with the focus on learning to analyze the field, development of each individual player, and the attention to what position the players want to play and can succeed in.'

'One of the most impressive coaches that we have been associated with. His knowledge of the game and his ability to teach kids at a young age to understand the game as he does is outstanding'

'I love that I can pick and choose which practices and how many'

'I have learned a lot about soccer, and coach is great. He helps me be a better soccer player and it's really fun.'

'My daughter loves coming to practice'

'We love the convenience of being able to miss a practice here and there because it is offered Monday-Thurs, but our daughter rarely misses practice because she loves it so much.'

'We love coach's long term vision for the players. He's playing the "long game" by teaching his players useful skills and strategies they'll need in the future.'

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'The practices are consistent and almost daily, which at first seemed like it may be too often for her, but it hasn't been at all!'

'Something that as important to us as parents was finding a coach that believes in our daughter and instills confidence in her and we have loved watching our daughters self confidence grow.'

'We love how flexible it is! We don't feel the pressure to sacrifice family vacations and events for soccer.'

'She chooses to be there over almost ANY thing, she loves practice.'